Many of the problems we as human beings are dealing with arise from our own thoughts and feelings that we have come to accept as real. Your thoughts influence how you perceive and make meaning of the world. They also determine how and why you behave the way you do. Sadly, your thoughts and feelings are often keeping you from being the kind of person you’d like to be and from living the life you’d love to live.

Even so, most people use their thoughts and feelings as they’d use google maps:

Suppose you want to go to a specific location in a city you’re not familiar with and you use google maps. But accidentally, you’ve loaded the wrong map from a different city.. So you start your journey and try to find your way using the wrong map and directions. Can you imagine the frustration, the ineffectiveness of trying to reach your destination?

With thanks to Dr. Russ Harris.

Something similar happens with the way we use our thoughts and feelings: we believe them to be true and we therefore act on what they tell us. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t work out well and we end up finding ourselves in situations or other thoughts and feelings that are far from satisfying and that cause us to feel pain, sadness, fear, anger or different types of difficult emotions.

When you start realizing that you’re possibly using the wrong map, that what you think and feel is maybe not as ‘true’ as you’ve always assumed, you can choose to start moving seperately from these thoughts and feelings and to make choices and take steps that will bring you to the place you want to be.

All the programs I’m offering have in common that they aim to help you create a (mental) map that will guide you through life with more ease, joy and happiness!