The Passion test coaching program is meant to clarify what is truly important and meaningful for you and to formulate tangible guidelines and action steps that inspire and motivate you to choose in favor of those things over and over again in order to enrich and develop the quality of your life.

Do you feel your day-to-day challenges and emotions are running you and would you rather sit in the driver’s seat yourself? Do you lack focus on what is really important to you? Do you miss a sense of direction? 

All those things can lead to feelings of depression, stress and burnout.

The program ‘Finding your focus: The Passion test’ is a proven method to bring clarity, focus, meaning and purpose (back) in your life.

There are three options to follow this program:

The first option is very accessible to everybody: you can do the Passion test entirely or partly on your own through the online Passion test course. Your investment will only be 49 euros that includes 15 video lessons and a workbook. You can click here to sign up now and start immediately! If you choose this option, you can still book one or more coaching sessions with me if you need some extra support. A coaching session will be 84 euros per hour.

The second option consist of three coaching sessions: we’ll start with one short introduction session in which I’ll get you ready to create your passion list. The second time we meet I’ll take you through the passion test and help you find your five most important passions. In our last session we work on creating practical markers for your five passions that will serve as guideline in your day to day life. Cost for this option is 375 euros and includes 15 video lessons and a workbook for extra support. .

The most eleborate option is the four month coaching program with weekly and bi-weekly sessions in the first two months and three follow up sessions during the third and fourth month. 

Together, we’ll go on an exciting journey to the core of who you are, what you want to do, feel, have, learn and experience in your life if it would all be up to you…which of course it is!

In a number of 1-2 hour sessions, we first uncover the most positive blue print of who you are and what your life is (or could be) about.
Once we have that mapped out, I’ll take you through the passion test process to come up with the five things that are most worthwhile and meaningful to focus on in (this particular period of) your life; your five ‘passions’.

In the last few sessions,  we’ll work on making these five passions very tangible to ensure that you’ll leave the coaching program with a clear guideline and specific action steps to keep your focus on your passions and create the life you most want for yourself.

Your investment for this option  is € 884,- (including V.A.T.) and includes a workbook and free access to 15 supporting video lessons for one month. 

To read more about my own experience with The Passion test, you can click here 

With Janet Attwood, the founder of the passion test and author of the book, during my passtion test facilitator training