The main focus of the original eight-week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) training as developed by Jon Kabat Zinn is to develop mindfulness skills that help you bring your attention to whatever is arising in the present moment, the here and now and to face everything that is presenting itself with an open, accepting and non-judgmental attitude.

You practice daily with different mindfulness meditations like the bodyscan, the sit meditation, the mountain meditation and mindful yoga stretches.

In addition you learn to adapt an attitude of present, open accepting attention through several exercises and home assignments and to apply and integrate this attitude in your daily life.

Centrally in this program is:

  • Discovering which of your behaviors or thoughts are most disruptive and are keeping you from feeling well and happy.
  • Experiencing that you can choose how to deal with situations, thoughts and feelings.
  • Discovering that your thoughts are seperate from who you are and that you can make decisions and do things no matter what your thoughts are telling you to do.

The applied mindfulness program uses the same approach but adds to it.

This addition focuses on values, passions and committed action. We work on finding out what kind of person you’d like to be and how you’d like to live your life. Once you are clear about these two questions you can make choices based on your answers and start moving more and more in the direction of your ideal self and life.

Summarized, both programs:

  • Train you to adopt a present, open, accepting attitude through practicing meditation and mindfulness skills.
  • Help you become aware of thoughts and feelings that are keeping you from being the person you’d like to be.
  • Hhow you that you have a choice in how to deal with those thoughts.

Applied mindfulness adds working on finding direction and using your focused attention to achieve goals that will move you towards being the person you’d love to be.

We can schedule an appointment to explore which program would be more useful for you and your specific situation.