This beautiful pressure point massage with yoga streches that I offer is an ancient healing art with origins in Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and Buddhism. The treatment consists of a dynamic, rhythmic massage that combines deep (yoga) stretches and accupressure on the energy lines in your body. The combination of these two techniques stimulates deep relaxation, dissolves blockages and releases a free flow of energy through your body. It eases muscle tension, loosens your joints, stimulates flexibility and activates circulation.

The rhythmic pressure and stretchings often bring you in a meditative state which leaves you with a deep feeling of peace and wellbeing, both during the massage and after.

The massage is conducted on a thin mattrass on the floor, and you remain fully clothed in loose pants and a comfortable shirt.

Cost of the massage

30 minutes head/neck/shoulder massage: € 35,-
60 minutes: € 65-
90 minutes: € 90,-
120 minutes: € 120,-

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